For some reason, visitors to this site seem to love clicking on one or more smiley faces and then sending it as a comment. I’ve no idea why, except perhaps that they feel my site doesn’t have enough images, but if you’d like to have a little more information to go on before deciding to approve/decline the comment then adding the following lines to wp-comments-post.php will help.

Basically, the poster has to put something in one of the three fields besides the comment for it to be considered for approval – no it’s not foolproof, but I’d like to see at least a name to go on before deciding if the icon-only post is relevant, or the result of some random clickage)

For WordPress 1.2, add these lines after line 44 (or, more helpfully, after the line that says die( __('Error: please type a comment.') );

if (('' == $email) && ('' == $author) && ('' == $url))
        die( __('Error: please enter more than just your comment.') );