Danny O’Brien’s Oblomovka: http://www.oblomovka.com/entries/2004/07/28#1091064480

“David Turner. Works for RMS. Starts by quoting the “spider in the hands of an angry Lord” preach. “Licensing is not theology – it’s rocket science”. He’s a fine preacher.

Parrot licensing will cast you all into hell, he tells the audience, and lo they are sore afraid. Go ye through the Parrot source, and stick there proper copyright notices. Don’t put “all rights reserved”, on fear of your mortal soul, because that the Lord RMS doth not think that it doth mean what thou thinkest it means. Put it instead under the GPL or the Artistic License. But don’t put it under the Artistic License, put it under the Clarified Artistic License, for the Artistic License as it stands is sorely artistic, and lo it is ambiguous in many areas. And Brad Kuhn did come down from on high and suggest that the CAL be the license for Perl6, and he spake truth, for ye will be sent to Hell if you do not heed him! For he is the prophet of RMS, and the one who is to come that is greater, who is known as Hurd, and whose todo list is legion. (I am paraphrasing a fair bit here)”

Brilliant ! Made me laugh out loud this morning (thankfully the coffee had just been finished, or it could have been messy). I then tried to explain what I was laughing at – take it from me: that quote is either funny, or just walk away now.

The rest of Danny’s posts from O’Reilly are also worth reading, but I just can’t imagine how he can sit, listen, blog and understand the speakers all at the same time. I can just about manage sitting and listening simultaneously.

On a good day.