Just in case anyone else has a DAB receiver (I don’t – this was done for a friend), you can use RG58 50ohm network cable for long runs from an antenna with very good results.

Ok, so the starting point was poor (an indoor dipole), and the final installation has a Yagi in the loft space, but running the signal down the inside of the house via 17m or so of RG58 and into a rubbish ‘screw in’ 50ohm BNC connector gave full strength on every station that the unit could pick up.

Previously, only around 50% of the stations that could be identified had a signal that was useable, and we never got around to aligning the antenna, or even trying to mount it – I simply laid it down on the insulation pointing towards the least number of houses opposite, and went to check the setup. It was that good we just left it there 🙂

I would like to state that I wanted a crimp connector, but when I went to the store on Saturday morning they only had 75ohm BNC connectors with a crimp fit. We’ll just have to wait and see if the connection oxidises over the next few months.