Ok, the kernel will boot. The NFS root doesn’t want to mount, though 🙁

I eventually found (after trying three different programs) a tftp daemon that likes running on the Qube (nope, the Linux NetKit doesn’t) and the system will now boot up without any problems.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the the NFS server on the Qube is playing nicely with the mount that is requested by the JavaStation. It fails to mount (error 5) /tftpboot/mrcoffee (mrcoffee is the name of the machine on my network). I’ve tried explictly exporting that directory via NFS, even though /tftpboot is already exposed, but it still doesn’t want to play.

My last resort will be a reboot to ensure that the NFS server hasn’t become confused, but it looks like the whole thing is a waste of effort, given that NetBSD 1.6 is into the pre-release stage as of yesterday.