The entries for Pob (including the rosie subpages) and Emma are now complete. The sub-menu boxing also also been finished[*].

Pretty boring stuff, but mainly cutting out the hardcoded menu and trailing logo from each page, tweaking the tages to be a little more friendly, and then alterting all the HREF’s to point to the .shtml of the new site. I might get around to updating the content at some point, but for now it’s nice to simply see some content at all on the site.[*] Finished in the sense of all of the sub-menu’s are now boxed. I can’t quite decide what to do with the multiple page jobs like Pob and Emma (Gallery is easy – they all link offsite :), and I’m trying to decide if the first item in the menu should be a title (as now), or the first page. After that, do I highlight each page as we go along ? It would make much more sense, and I can then do away with the title heading on each of Emma’s pages (for example), as the left bar give all the relevant info. But then what about non-graphical browsers ? Even with the current system there’s no way of knowing which sub-page is being viewed. Hmm… Need to think some more about this.I’m also not sure why there’s more than 7 posts on the front page – need to hack at Greymatter some more I suppose.