aperture 2.1.2 hack

Full details are in the Aperture 2 post, but after ensuring you have changed the Info.plist file (if required), the offset for this version is 0x6f6bcc. Change the string that starts at that address from performRequirementsCheck to read performLicenseCheck and pad the end with five zero (null) characters.


  1. Jimmy November 3, 2008

    Please walk me through this; all the posts are over my head. Running G4 Tower with Dual 1.0 GHz processors. Graphics card is a GeForce4 MX by Nvidia. 1.5 gigs of ram.

    I have Aperature Trial version 2.1.2 I believe (listed in the plist file).

    Install attempts return:
    Your video card does not meet the minimum requirements to run this software.

    I have made the suggested changes from your post called “Aperature 2 Trial Hack” posted on February 15, 2008 to the ApertureTrial.dist file using Text Edit.

    Any Ideas short of buying a new Intel machine which I can’t afford?



  2. ian November 3, 2008

    Hi Jimmy,

    Yes, the difference between the installer changes and the run-time ones is something that does get a little out of hand. Now I have a static page of Aperture Hacks I intend to try and sort this confusion out properly, and just use the blog side of things to note the changes for those who’ve had some practice at it 🙂 Let me have a day or two to try and get some words in order, so hopefully the whole thing will seem less intimidating. FWIW, running on an MDD dual 867 was bearable with the 1.5 series and actually quite pleasant with Aperture 2 so I’d have good hopes for your system – things like straighten will crawl, but you kind of get used to it and only touch that at the end !


  3. Giacomo January 15, 2009

    Hi. Aperture start but when I try to do anything he doesn’t react. Thk

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