Strange uptime records/site downtime

If you look at the uptime records in the stats section, you might see a few very short runs. There might also be some times when the sites on this system are unavailable.

I’m basically fed up with the 2.0.24 kernel that Cobalt have for the Qube. Yes, it’s an old product, and I don’t expect company support, but it really annoys me that some software simply refuses to run (like Jabber), and other things are, well, odd (pauses in tar unpacking when the CPU load is waaay down). Not being able to get a new glibc is getting to be more of an issue, and I can’t go above the stock perl 5.004 or the system admin suite blows up. Yuk. I also can’t get FreeS/WAN to play nicely, again due to the kernel age, and I’d really like to get IPSec tunneling going.

So, I’m playing with NetBSD. I’ve ignored the boot server setup and the trashing of the existing disc that the FAQ suggests as the easy method, and have been attempting to get a blank drive set up so that the Qube likes it. So far I’ve done it with a 520MB drive, which shows that the system looks good and performs well (ok, the timeout on the never connected second IDE interface is an annoying 2 minute bootup delay, but I can fix that), with me being able to hack up a DNS file so that internal machines get their requests forwarded ok, and a build of bash-2.05 worked without a hitch. I even managed to fetch most of the packages collection until disc space started looking a bit scarce…

I then tried to get a loaned 13GB drive to startup – nothing. Hmph. The setup is more like the original Qube disc than the 520MB one was, and it’s less happy at the firmware startup. I do have a couple more things to try, and I have hopes that they’ll get it all sorted. After that, I’ll try running on NetBSD for a week or so, and if it all goes well I’ll transfer over to my own nearly spare 20GB drive, and keep the old Linux one as a backup, in case anything bad happens to the drive or the O/S load.

Of course, I could wait for 1.6 to be released in a month or so, but if I do that the delivery date will be pushed back until October, I just know it 🙂 I had hoped to run on the 520MB for a little while, but I have over 1.3GB of httpd served files, so that isn’t a very practical solution…

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